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Kailua Bluestone Town Homes

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Kailua Condo Executive Summary ALL January through March 2018 P.D.F. (above)

Kailua Real Estate Report January through March 2018 1st. Quarter


Kailua Condo Executive Summary ALL 1st. Quarter 2017



Kailua Real Estate Report Year End 2016

If there is any Sales Activity for the Month I will post For Sale, In Escrow, Sold information towards the bottom of this page.

Kailua Condo Bluestone 3 Bedroom Executive Summary ALL End of Year 2015

Kailua Bluestone Town Home Year End Real Estate Report December 2015

If you are looking for a Broker with my experience to either help you sell your property or find you one, I am your guy. I do know the market better than almost any agent and with facts, I get done for you, what you expect. One can argue with facts if they want to, but then you would be wasting your time and mine. I do not argue facts with my clients. I simply state them, the reasons why and if we are in agreement I go out get you want you want by using the facts.


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 Kailua Real Estate Report December 2014 End of Year Report


 Kailua Condo Executive Summary ALL Year to Date December 2015





 Kailua Condo Executive Summary ALL Year to Date December 2014


 Kailua Real Estate Report December 2014 End of Year Report

The Following Reports are based upon ONLY 3 Bedroom Fee Simple:


Kailua Bluestone Real Estate Report End of Year 2014


Note: Analysis of Market Data is taken from the Honolulu Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service which I have found NOT to be totally accurate.



I hope you all have enjoyed this report and found it beneficial in your research of Hawaii Real Estate. As always, please remember to check as many resources that you personally trust to properly arrive at an overall evaluation of this subject matter. All buyers and sellers should draw their own conclusions and conduct their own investigations.

Final Notes

In evaluating Hawaii Real Estate investments you should conduct your research on the data, interview agents and brokerages and consult mortgage lenders. By all means feel free to contact me for your personal questions you may have. I can be reached via the below information:

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