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Despite the Kailua public outcry the State is still moving forward to develop our Kawainui Marsh into a cultural and tourist attraction. Bus parking and buildings are included in the plans!


Mayor Caldwell Makes a Disaster of Kailua & Kaneohe 

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This is a Kailua Community Website dedicated to helping the Kailua Police Department solve crimes by offering suggestions and distribution of information for all who care to post what they are witnessing in Kailua in regards to crime in Kailua.



This is a updated Crime Map of Kailua showing all recent activity for arrests, arson, assaults, burglary, robbery, shootings, theft and vandilism


Representatives You May Want to Contact:


 Representative Cynthia Thielen: repthielen@capitol.hawaii.gov

Representative Chris Lee: repclee@capitol.hawaii.gov

Representative Ikaika Anderson: ianderson@honolulu.gov

Chief of Police: http://honolulupd.org/contact/index.php?page=contact

(There is no direct email or link for the Chief of Police. You have to fill out a form and hopefully it is read and directed as there a notice the site is not monitored all the time)

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Mayor Kirk Caldwell: mayor@honolulu.gov



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Crime in Kailua


Last night I attended the Second Kailua Police Department meeting concerning the crime in Kailua which has all of us on our toes. In a nutshell I think the meeting was a a disaster. Why?


While sitting through what I believed was an attempt to educate us all on what a fine bunch of Police Officers we have in Kailua by way of a Video presentation that perhaps should have been titled:  "Community Education Program of What the Honolulu Police Department Does For Us All" I nearly shot skyward off of my chair when not five minutes into the presentation the officer with the microphone told us all that "the crime in Kailua was not a Police problem but a Community problem."


Are you kidding me? My hand immediately shot upwards to be recognized during the question and answer period only to interrupted by the hosting officer to temporarily suspend the question and answer session so that we could watch a segment of an old Gary Cooper Western titled "High Noon" in which the there was a Town Hall meeting to discuss who was really responsible to take care of the Bad Guys, The Sheriff or the Community? Now, I really do not think they were suggesting to us to arm ourselves but the result of the first twenty minutes of the meeting was a devasting demonstration in how unprepared our Kailua Police Station was ready to handle some serious questions on crime in Kailua.


I did manage to get recognized finally after sitting through fifteen minutes of Gary Cooper and I stated my name and my Neighborhood and told the Major of the Kailua Police Department that I for one had an opinion, probably like everyone else and that I did not agree that the crime in Kailua was a Community problem. I further went to discredit their accounting of crimes for the year since they had not presented any crime data for the past continuous twelve months or even six months. What they did present was March through June of this year and all categories ending in negative figures. They offered the same info for year 2011 and 2012, a full twelve month accounting but NOTHING for the past twelve months.


My follow up questions to the Major who never answered my above intitial question, only signaled that he heard me, with: "What is it going to take to get more Police Officers in Kailua?" His answer: "That is above my paygrade." Really?


Eventually the topic of discussion most had their minds in the audience was the Neighborhood Watch. There were sign up forms located at the entrance door to the meeting, some brochures but no one was there to answer questions or encourage sign up.


Some in the audience took turns telling everyone what they were doing in their Neighborhoods to prevent crime in Kailua by being delegent and setting up Neighborhood Watch Teams.


I myself think this is a worthy program and I have signed up for my neighborhood. I will wait and see if anyone contacts me.


By the time I left the meeting no one from the Neighborhood Watch was invited to speak and general questions to the Kailua Police Department became individual experiences of what some in the Community have witnessed recently concerning suspicious actitivities and such.


My Analysis?


1) I am going to write to the Cheif of Police asking for more Police Officers for Kailua, copy Cynthia Thielen, Chris Lee and Ikaika Anderson.


2) I will write to every legislator that has anything to do our Criminal Laws and invite them to the Kailua Board Meetings. (They have been invited I have been told but to date have refused to attend to any of them) I will encourage our Legislators and Representatives to pass legislation for stiffer penalties for repeat offenders since by the Kailua Police Department states that majority of crimes in Kailua are being conducted by a few repeat offenders.


3) I also intend to visit the Mayor to state the need for more Police Officers in Kailua as well as stiffer legislation.


4) While certainly the Community at large can provide a big help to the Police Department the fact of the matter remains that 20 Police Officers per the three daily shifts from Makapu out through the North Shore Area is woefully inadequate to even respond to or even investigate Neighborhood Watch tips.


Mike Gallagher, Kailua Neighborhood Board



The following email was sent to the Mayor July 28th. 2013: 




 Here is Mayor Caldwell's fine response to my letter about crime in Kailua...after waiting for a month for a reply:



Well, in my opinion that was a complete waste of time.


Mike Gallagher